lena scissorhands of infected rain

Lena Scissorhands: voice of a demoness siren

"From the moment of our first live show, I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do with my life and nothing would stop me. Here I am."

Lena Scissorhands, thanks so much for chatting with us here at Ear Elf. We are honored and grateful for you to take the time. So, Lena… what music, or band, perhaps even songs have you been currently listening to?

I’ve been listening to Architects and Tesseract a lotlately.

Awesome bands, thank you for sharing. We will jam out to them today at the office. Next question, your voice is brilliant, how has singing evolved for you? And did you grow up singing and playing music?

Thank you! I never did anything with music until we started Infected Rain. In fact, no one in my family is a musician. I started singing in 2008 just for fun with the first two members of Infected Rain. They liked it and encouraged me to pursue vocal lessons because they saw the potential in me. Now I’m always trying to learn something new and I do my best to keep taking vocal lessons.

We understand what the two members of Infected Rain Favorite must have witnessed because your voice is quite capable for the music and has such expression. It’s a bad ass voice. Now my favorite question, do you remember the moment you decided to put ‘all your chips in’ and strive to become an artist?

Yes, I remember it very clearly. From the moment of our first live show, I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do with my life and nothing would stop me. Here I am.

You’ve been on many tours… what’s the wildest memory you can share about being on tour?

Well, I don’t know about wildest, but one of our funniest memories is when we accidentally forgot our bass player at a gas station. We only realized what had happened after 45 minutes of driving. We had to drive all the way back trying to find the same gas station.

We’re sure you all use the buddy system now, right? Joking. So, company but here, Ear Elf earplugs support artists and pledge 30% of monthly profits to how have they been for you?

Really nice and helpful! Ear Elf earplugs come in super handy on tour… especially when I need to rest and everybody around me is partying.

That’s terrific and we are proud to help. Last question… for your current fans and those just getting to know the amazing Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain, what does this year have in store for us?

A lot of touring and more shows. I’m also planning to bring to life some of the ideas and projects I had before, but never had a chance to accomplish. Be ready to have a lot of me and Infected Rain.

Can’t wait! Thank you so much for your time, Lena, and we hope to talk in the future as more projects and albums come to fruition.