yp hoodrich

HoodRich: A Walka Holmes Star for the World

"my day is any day now."

Hello YP HoodRich, thanks for joining us here for chat at Ear Elf. We appreciate your work and we want to start by asking you a little about yourself... let's start with the name? Hey, I go by the name YP HoodRich. Yp is the abbreviation for Young Polo. HoodRich is a lifestyle I use to live by, music is my life... it gives me life. Music is powerful. Where are you from YP HoodRich?

I come from a small hood called Walka Holmes, and a lot of the current talent from Memphis... is from there-- like Beo Lil Kenny, Trey Drizzle, Monenybagg Yo, OG Boo Dirty.

That's true, Boss, Tennessee... especially Memphis has been producing a lot of talent. And we appreciate you taking the time to chat with us here. We know you are in it, tell us who your influences were growing up and are today?

Growing up I was influenced by rappers like Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z, Eminem, 3-6 Mafia, Lil Boosie, and as I continued my rap career... I start idolize people like Kevin Gates and Future. We were just about to say Memphis for us is definitely 3-6 mafia, then that whole scene with Project Pat. Gates and Future are on fire. We Georgia grown here at Ear Elf... anyways tell us about the current hiphop situation in Memphis. Memphis really a slept on city, but it doesn't do nothing but make us go hard. I'm very popular in the industry here, and for me to not have a big name yet... it's just time-- I work with rappers like Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Don Trip, Blac Youngsta... you know. I ain't worried. My day is any day now and I'm waiting on it.

For sure, Boss, we listened to you mixtape 'Truth Hurts 3' and its got it all, beats, rhymes, and truth. Now, Ear Elf needs me to ask, this is the company putting this article together... how have the earplugs treated you?

They are good.

Awesome. Earplugs, right? We only sell them because they work AND most importantly they help fund the Inner-CityArts charity based in LA...but, honestly, we just like chatting with artists, like you YP Hoodrich. So, tell us what's going on for you currently?

my hottest out right now is call 'Get it Pooh.' It's a dance song for women, and it is available on my mixtape on 'Truth Hurts 3' Too right! Y'all heard and y'all will be hearing him soon. YP HoodRich, thanks again for chatting with us.

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