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best earplugs in the universe

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Why choose us?

Didn't you see? We are the best in the UNIVERSE in protecting your beautiful hearing. We use high quality latex and a specially designed filter allowing you the protection you deserve, while also allowing you to hear your environment at a safe decibel level.

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What's in the box?

Only the best earplugs in the UNIVERSE Our specially created gift box comes with a tough metal casing for carrying your earplugs where you want them and for when you need them. Two shell sized to find the perfect fit. And that's not all, you also get a sample of our EXTRA THICK sleeping earplugs.

You know you want it!

Up to 24 decibels of hearing protection for you to enjoy your life as loud as you like, and these also look amazing with the green transparent filters and logo casing. You will be sure to love these remarkable earplugs.

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